Glarry Classical Guitar Strings Set


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A brilliant guitar player cant perform well without a superior guitar. In a similar way, a set of high quality six strings will be an indispensable component for making up an excellent guitar. I believe our professional 6pcs Glarry Classical Guitar Strings Set wont let you down. Composed of six strings with different diameters, our professional guitar strings set boasts bright, clear tone and wont bring any damage to your tender fingers. A perfect replacement for your unresponsive or aged strings set!

1. Made of durable transparent nylon string and composite nylon core, silver plated copper alloy string
2. Compatible with most acoustic guitar
3. Excellent playability
4. Long lasting and professional quality strings
5. Good elasticity and bright tone

1. String 1th Diameter: 0.01 / 0.25mm
2. String 2th Diameter: 0.014 / 0.36mm
3. String 3th Diameter: 0.023 / 0.58mm
4. String 4th Diameter: 0.03 / 0.76mm
5. String 5th Diameter: 0.039 / 0.99mm
6. String 6th Diameter: 0.047 / 1.19mm
7. Weight: 0.85oz / 24g
8. Material: Nylon Plated Copper Alloy
9. Color: Silver
Package Includes:

6 x Strings


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